Pricing Information

DOG WALKING: Each visit is 30 minutes in length and includes walking or playtime in owners fenced in property. $25/ visit.

PET SITTING: Pet sitting services start at $25/visit and is up to 2 pets .

Please note that each pet is unique and may require additional or special care that may incur additional charges. Each additional pet is $5/ visit.

OVERNIGHT PET CARE: $125/ night ( 8pm-11am ) in owners home.

BOARDING: At The Walking Dog- $50/night **Pick up and drop off hours are between 8 am-11 am.
** Please note pick up after 11 am will incur a fee for an additional day of boarding.

MEDICATION ADMINISTRATION: $ 3/ dosage/visit/pet

MEET and GREET: ALWAYS FREE 🙂 However, a “no show” or lack of cancellation will incur a $25 fee for the next Meet and Greet.

PICK UP OF KEYS: $5 We will typically pick up keys during our Meet and Greet. Should you choose to not leave the keys at your home on the the start of services, we can arrange for pick up.

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